Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Thought of the Day...

So long long time ago (okay maybe not so long ago, but this is my!) Anyhoo, I made a big hoopla of trying to lose 20lbs. I got all motivated, than got less motivated and soon was in the negative with my motivation and those 20lbs are still here.

Now I am in culinary school and were eating sweets and carbs all the time, I get home super late and end up stuffing my face with crap and none of this is helping. Well if I have not blasted this info enough I am getting married. I am going to be a bride in 11 months and I really would like to not be a plump bride. Now I am not going to get all crazy about this, because as we have seen from my history I suck at this whole exercising and eating healthy thing.

NEED to do something, I just need to find something that works for me. Something I can stick with and actually WANT to do. I think my lack of motivation comes from my small attention span and getting bored very quickly. Who knows….either way I want to look like this on my wedding day!!

(Damn J-Hud!!)


  1. Darling... we love you just the way you are! Eat to be healthy, not just to be thin and fit in a wedding dress....

  2. My boyfriend's aunt was a uk size 18 when she got married and she was totally gorgeous, way better looking than a size 8! you're beautiful the way you are c: xx

  3. You are beautiful just the way you are! However, I want to encourage you that if you want to lose weight You can do it, even though you are in culinary school around all that food. You can do it! It will just take some determination and willpower!

    Lose weight or not, you are beautiful.

  4. girl them clebs.. have everything done for them.. so all they need to do is get up go to the table eat and then hit the gym.. for like 10hrs and then come home and eat and go to sleep and they pay good money for that lol..! so girl you will find something that will work and something realistic.. good luck girl I for one believe that you can do it..! Love you Bright

  5. J-Hud looks lovely, I wish I could stay motivated to lose the lbs. I want to lose them but I am the same, I can't stick to one thing for a long time.

  6. wow!!look ate J hudson. If you are not happy with your looks, do something about it.It is important to find what you like and what works for you.Have you tried weight watchers & Jenny Craig?

  7. Please don't fall for "J Hud" it is so obvious that she had surgical intervention as she now has the bobble head look.

    Genetics can be tamed but the bottom line is Jhud would never/could never be this small and toned just from diet and exercise alone. She was never this small even as a child and looking at her relatives it is beyond obvious she was born to be much much larger.


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