Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You got to Whip It....

I’ve been under the weather the last few days, which seems to be a regular occurrence for me lately. I decided I needed to start taking vitamins to build up this puny immune system I have. I found some adult gummies vitamins (because I am 7 and who doesn’t like gummies) and hope this will with me being sick all the time.

Being sick is no bueno for me. I sleep all day being unproductive walking around in my Hello Kitty house slippers looking like a hot mess. The BF decided to take me out yesterday and we went and saw Whip it. It was such a cute movie, and it takes place in Austin, so it was cool pointing out some of the fun places we see all the time.

If I am feeling better by this weekend, we plan to go to the championship Texas Roller Derby game on Saturday. It’s sad that I’ve been living in Austin for almost 2 years and have never gone to a derby game, so better late than never.

Also, some interesting news, a few days ago I cupcake order from a Girl Scout Leader, while talking with her for a few minutes, we got on the subject of my days as a Girl Scouts. My mom was the leader and it was always good fun! I can remember this one camping trip (I know sometimes it hard for me to imagine myself camping too) where everyone eats way too many Smores and if you have seen that scene from Stand by Me with the blue berry pie…ewww!!! Well the leader asked me if I would be interested in speaking with the girls about my time as a Girl Scout and DollFace Delights…how cool is that. I am pretty excited to meet with the girls, so wish me luck!!

I am still waiting to get my full album of photos to share, but she is slowly trickling some to me as she edits them. Here is my favorite so far!!


  1. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! Let 'em keep trickling out -- they're like tasty little morsels of scrumptious yum that make my day go WOOOOO!!

    Hey good luck with the Girl Scouts. What an honor to be asked to be a mentor to little girls! That means she really thinks something of you if she wants the girls to learn from you. No pressure or anything but you're about to contribute to the molding of these youngsters' minds. Mwahaha!!

    Glad you're feeling better and went to go see Whip It!. I haven't been to a roller derby match ever so let me know how it goes. I hope it's JUST LIKE THE MOVIE!!

  2. i always take flintstone vitamins, i even took them in lieu of prenatal when i was pregnant. if you take like 4 they give u a bunch of folic acid. why take disgusting adult horse pills?

  3. I am super excited to see Whip it too! Hope you are feeling better soon. Good luck with talking to the girl scouts too, that would be fun!


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