Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Addictions....

Along with my new addiction for Boojiboo aprons, I’ve found a few new things that I am seriously addicted to.

1. Priscilla Renea - I came across her song “Dollhouse” and feel in major LUV, I had to find out more about this chick. She will release her CD in December 2009, but I was able to get my hands on an EP and I loved every song on it. I think my MP3 player is tired of me repeating it over and over again. I won’t lie when it comes to music I am very much a music snob and though I like some main stream music (woo hoo Miley Cyrus…don’t hate!!!) I am more indie and folksy (Brandi Carlile is my total lesbian girl crush…LOL!!) Miss Priscilla has a very different sound!!

Check our the video here

(The video is a candy color of yummy!!)

2. Topo Chico - So, I am trying to lose a little bit a weight, but I am Coke Crack head. I’ve tried to give it up, but at 3am I am craving that sweet sugary goodness. Well someone told me to try Topo Chico a drink found pretty easily here in Austin.

It’s a Mexican Mineral water and it is the bees knees. I do miss the taste of coke, but with the Topo Chico I get my carbonated fix, but its just good ole’ natural water. Upon one of my Wiki searches I found that they do have it in other flavors, so I am dying to try them.

3. Target’s Xhilaration Sleeveless Knit Tank Dresses

A few weeks ago I was in Forever 21 and saw the cutest dresses. Now I should have known better, but I decided to venture out of my element, of only buying accessories out of this store and try on the dress. Lets just say if you have Boobs, this place is not for you. I was so very sad, because the dress was so cute.

Well last weekend I was in Target and saw some simlar dresses and thought they were cute. I got my courage to come back and try them on, and I was SHOCKED. I was actually able to go a size smaller than I’ve been wearing. In amazement I grabbed every style and color they had and bought them all. Miss Kitty very happy….debit card very very very sad!!!

Don’t the dresses look real similar!

So Suck it stupid Forever 21 (okay I don’t really mean that, because their accessories do kick booty, so just suck it to the clothing section. )

4. Tyson McAdoo – His artwoork is outrageously awesome!!! I’ve seen his work around, but never knew who did it. Well after some searching I found out and I am just loving everything he does.

(View more at his site here)

I think I am going to buy a ton of his prints to plaster all over my house!


  1. Great post! I want to run out and get one of everything. :]

  2. What a neat post! I'm definitely going to head over and watch the music video, because I'm cool with pretty much anything candy-colored. The topo chico sounds pretty delicious too. I've dropped a few pounds over the last few years, and I really didn't think too hard. But I enjoy eating healthy and exercising, so maybe I'm biased.

    I'm with you on wanting some prints from Tyson McAdoo. Those are fab!

  3. i think that target dress actually looks cooler than the 4ever21. in fact, i saw 1 almost identical to that target 1 in nordstrom a few months ago for $80.

  4. Haha! Get some prints for me too, k? And P.S. I think the Target dress is cuter anyway. I know what you mean about the boobs thing. You can put on an outfit with the most innocent of intentions and come out looking like you're about to walk the streets. Geez...


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