Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Recap....

YAWN…what a busy weekend!!! I can’t explain how much I love being busy.

Next weekend the BF and I are attending two more shows, which should be total blast. The one on Saturday I will be actually Vending at, basically a mini bake sale. I am super excited and also a bit scared. I mean what if I make a ton of stuff and no one one buys anything…the agony!!

But I am going to give it my all and put on my brave face and make some cute stuff. I bought a ton of Halloween stuff over the weekend to use, so I think I can come up with something cute. I saw this on Flickr today by Little Sweeties Cupcakes

How cute are those cupackes...I mean Zombie Hello Kitty Cupcakes...LOVES THEM!! They are some real creative people out there when it comes to baking!!

Another important thing on the agenda is what to wear for Halloween. Over the weekend we tried a few costumes and the BF is thinking either Michael Jackson

But I think he would be much cuter as Mario

These are my two options I am thinking about doing...

marie antoinette


I just don't want to look all slutty and hootchie!! I hate how girls think Halloween is a free for all to look like a street walker, but to each its own. Is anyone else dressing up?

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