Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Should I Whip It?

A few weeks ago I went and saw the movie “Whip It” and fell in love. It had a great story and was just really funny. Have you ever seen a great movie and thought how awesome would it be to live that story? Well I came across something the other day that might just give me that opportunity.

The Texas Roller Derby League is holding try-outs, and I am highly considering trying out. I have not skated since my JR. High days, but I was pretty Bad-Ass in my white skates with the hot pink laces and matching pom pom’s. The BF doesn’t want me to do it; he is scared I might get hurt….but you only live once. I mean how many cool points would I earn, just to be able to say I tried out, and if nothing else it would make great blog material...LOL!!

What do you guys think??

(Photo from Boopsie.Daisy)


  1. Whip it!

    As a dutch saying goes: "Never shoot, always miss".

    So, give it a try and tell us how it went.

  2. Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be awesome!!!

  3. I say do it. Some of the girls aren't always so violent. But where's the fun in that right.


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