Monday, October 19, 2009

Bite Fest 2009

Last weekend was spent vending at the 2009 Bite Fest in San Antonio. Let’s just say this was a very “interesting” event. This chick had the cutest hat on and she told me her hubby made it for her….how cool is that.

The big performer for the night was fetish model Masumi Max who did a “burlesque” show and even ate fire. It was insane!!! I am going to be honest, her show was alot more strippy than burlesque.

This girl came dressed as a sexy zebra....strange choice to make sexy, but it was pretty cool.

This guy was hanging himself...yes hanging himself and it was the weirdest craziest thing I've ever encountered. How do you find out your into something like. Are you sitting at home, thinking damn my life is boring, how about I swing my self around by my skin.

This was a local band called "Saturday Night Shockers". A group of smoldering vamps!

I will be honest, I am not sure what this chick was doing. She was swinging these balls around the whole night. It was just making me dizzy.

Its me, putting on my best DollFace Face!

This was "Shivers and Quivers" the creepiest clowns I've ever seen. To make matters worse, the girl clown kept talking in this weird baby voice and saying everything was AWESOME.

It was truly a night to remember. I can honestly say I have seen my fair share of fishnets and butt cheeks to last me a lifetime…LOL! The BF and I go to a ton of Burlesque events, but this one was slightly different it had a very dark and gothic feel to the event, it was nice to go out of our element and try something different.

I did meet some cool people and might have a few hookups for the business.

Also, I got my Halloween Costume. I saw this girl wearing it and was sooooooooo cute. It doesn't look as slutty on, the skirt is alot longer.


  1. That does look like a fascinating night out, I love people watching at events like that.
    Love the sailor costume, you must post pictures!

  2. You know what, you have the funniest blog I'd ever came across. You're really good at this. I totally enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all the laugh!


  3. I came across you blog.. I LOVE IT! You have a new follower. You must check out my post today on halloween costumes... your love of pick w/ the rock combo! (Hint: My hubs and I are going to be 80s rockers and yes I'm in lots of pink)just take a look at the photos you are sure to smile. Thanks for the laughs!


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