Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Recap...

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I got to do a bit of shopping and baking, my two favorite things over the weekend, but I totally missed out on the fireworks. It was so hot, and my lazy butt refused to leave the sanctuary of my air-conditioned home, so I just stayed in. The funny thing is even though its “illegal” to shoot fireworks in city limits, people were blazing it up all night.

On Friday on the way to do some shopping, the BF and I were talking about our favorite crazy 80’s movies. Am I the only person on the planet who has seen “Killer Clowns from Outer Space”.

I freaking love this movie, I mean you have clowns landing on earth in a space craft that looks like a circus tent, shooting people with cotton candy guns and sucking out their blood with large pixie straws. Its trash-tastic 80's camp at its finest. When I found out the BF had not seen it, I immediately added it to the Netflix, so he could share in its Awesomeness.

Oooh, I can't wait until it arrives, so I can be scared and laugh all at the sime time! 80's movies are the best. I like newer movies, but there is nothing better than watching a low budget 80's movies. Some of my top 80's horror film's include:

1. Toxic Avenger
2. Critters
3. Childs Play
4. Nightmare on Elm Street ( I loved how Freddy would kill you then make a joke afterwards...Priceless!)


  1. holy crap dude, that movie still gives me nightmares. my older sister and brother would hold me down when they babysat me and force me to watch it and i would cry and cry :( i still have awful thoughts about dumpsters full of man eating popcorn!!

  2. critters is awesome and here's a little known fact which may or may not be accurate: leo dicaprio got his start in critters 3! also we got back from SF yesterday and I GOT the crap today, thank you so much very cute. everyone should totally enter the contests on your blog. do you just put reg. size index cards in the recipe box? thanks!

  3. jesus, that scared the crap out of me. Clowns freak me should have put a warning on this post :)

  4. i didnt see killer clowns until no more than 6 months ago. my boyfriend made me watch it because i guess its always left a soft spot in his heart of childhood memories. ha. a blockbuster friend of ours recommended it one weekend night and yeah i ended up liking it.

  5. Someone rented that movie for a small party when I was in college. I fell asleep and didn't actually watch it, but it sounds like something I would enjoy. Those clowns are funny looking.


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