Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bored at Work...

I had to share this story with you guys about the worst customer service experience EVER!! So, one of the girls in my office, ordered flowers from this local flower shop for another employee who is leaving on a long trip. The flowers arrived brown and wilted and hanging on for dear life. The gift giver was beyond pissed and called the flower shop to voice her concern and demand a refund. The shop owner explained to her they can replace the flowers, but she will be responsible for sending the flowers back. First of all that is the most Asinine thing I’ve ever heard of!!!! They really expect a person to yank back the flowers they just gave someone as a GIFT….um Okay. Second, on thier website it clearly states that they will refund or replace if their is not a 100% GUARANTEE and it doesn't say anything about returning the flowers.

So, things got worse, because the flower shop actually called the recipient of the flowers to see if they were happy with what they received (basically calling the gift giver a liar). At this point the gift giver is screaming at the top of her lungs at the owner about the whole situation, and I swear the owner was acting like she didn’t understand English (she had her on speakerphone for our enjoyment). The shop decided to come and pick up the flowers (I can only imagine who they will try to give them too next) leaving the recipient with nothing and the gift giver anger and embarrassment .

All I could think was what piss poor customer service!


  1. wow that is awful!! Do you guys have insiderpages in your area? Go and review them there! Dont treat customers badly because they will Tell EVERYONE they know and then some!!!

    So did the co worker end up getting any "pretty" flower for her bon voyage or just a nasty wilty start to her trip??

  2. Wow, that is terrible customer service!

  3. Thats terrible!, almost unbelievable but coming from a retail background completely believable unfortunately.

  4. ew ew ew. I'd sue them. Wait, I'm too broke for THAT hahah

  5. thats awful. I swear I dunno how businesses with poor customer service still operate.

  6. Terrible!!!

    How the heck are they still in business with an attitude like that?!

    I hope she tells everyone that she knows about their lack of customer service.


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