Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where are all the Black Pin-up's

I went on an extensive search today and had no luck at finding African-American Pin-up pictures. I truly belive there are no good quality AA Pin-up art, which is a complete shame. I couldn't even find a Latina or Asian picture. It boggles my mind, that no one has jumped on this idea. I mean I love Pin-ups, but to find one that looks like me would be great. I mean this world is a melting pot of lovely colors and there should be pin-ups who reflect that.

It got me thinking, maybe I should do something about it. Maybe I should snatch on to this untapped market. I came across tons of websites where people are asking the same question I had "Where are the Black Pin-up's at?" This leads me to believe there is a market for this type of art. I'm not talking about that ghetto, trashy Hustler, Video Girl pictures, I am taking about the images of Vargas, Gil, and Ballantyne (Google if you don't what I am talking about). This could be a fun project, that could take my mind off the drama off work, plus I can use all that college learning I am a million dollars in D-E-B-T for!!!

Oh ya, the pictures below are the best that I could find during my search. One looks like a terrible acctress from a 70's porn video and the other as lovely as she is, I swear I saw her in a 50 cent video. This is what I want to change!!!



  1. sooo true!! i have never thought about it...but "where ARE all the african american pin-up girls" well maybe because during the time when pin-up girls where popular black women were not looked at in the type of manner by the white men? Though, i still don't understand...why couldn't the black females be considered classy and sexy as well? like the white pin-up girls?? *confused*
    anyway good post mama got me thinking lol!! :)

  2. I agree with the person who commented above me.


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