Monday, April 27, 2009

Damn...its Monday!

Today started out, just like every other stupid Monday. Alarm goes off, Loco jumping all over the bed and me thinking NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I woke up this morning so tired, because I could not fall asleep last night.

The BF and I are currently finishing up our graduate programs, and as students we could not be more different. Whenever he has homework I see him throughout the week, diligently work on his projects finishing with days to spare. I on the other hand, wait till the day its due and give myself a few hours to create some crap that I hope confuses my professor into thinking its quality material. Well last night, I knew 3 weeks ago, I had a paper due, but I got all wrapped up in a Law and Order Marathon (the best show ever) and had to stay up half the night to turn in my paper.

This got me thinking about other things in my life and how I wait until the last minute to do things. I always wait to pee, running down the hallway doing the pee pee dance, I wait until the last minute possible to get up in the morning and then get mad when I am late and don’t get me started on laundry….

I question how I can change this behavior that I have been doing for 27 years of my life. Can I change, should I change???? I guess its worth thinking about, but knowing me I will wait until the last minute and be a 105 on my deathbed to make a change, guess I better just stick to what works for me!!!

So, today I introduce you to another part of my life:



  1. Hell yeah, procrastination = love!! Hey if it's the way you are and you're ready to accept the consequences (and mucho 'benefits') of it, then why change!! Hehehe.

  2. do you ever do the "i'll just have 2 more minutes" thing?like if my alarm goes off at 8.30,i will think to myself,"ah,i'll get up at 8.33"like those 3 minutes are really making a huge difference!x

  3. I've been trying to fight proscatination for a long minute. I'm getting better and becoming more proactive but for most it is a life-long battle. I'll do it when I'll do it on my terms. If you can get away with it, then you probably don't need to change. But if it proves detrimental to your personal goals then you might need a new approach. Don't take my word for it, like I said, I'm still struggling.

    I don't care for the regular Law&Order but love the Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent spinoffs.

    -Thanks for stopping by!


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