Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap...

I still can’t believe the amazing weather we got this weekend. It was so nice and breezy, not to warm, just perfection!! Friday went out with my favorite ladies from class for drinks, always a laugh out loud good time. We were stoked that we all passed our finals with A’s, so what better way to celebrate then TEQUILA…LOL!

Saturday was my dress fitting and it went great. The dress was beyond my expectations; it has such a simple elegance I can’t wait until it’s completely finished.

I would post pictures, but the boy reads my blog and I want him to be SURPRISED! Also we went shoe shopping and I SCORED. We ran into payless and they have a wedding line, well I tried on a few things didn’t find anything I liked and all of the sudden the boy is like what about these, they were PERFECT. The style is almost identical to the Kate Spade show minus the boy on the top, and guess what they were 10 bucks….I FREAKING NOW!! Well I bought another pair of cute shoes and since they were doing BOGO I got those bad boys for 5 bucks!! My glitter should be in today, so I am hoping to have a DIY this weekend for you guys. I can’t even explain my excitement.

We went and saw “Thor” another just okay movie. Now my movie rant…why the HELL-O Kitty do people pay 10 bucks for a movie ticket to sit and talk the WHOLE DAMN movie. OMG, people that is not fun, cute or appreciated to hear your annoying conversation the whole movie, its AGGRAVATING!! Hey I got an idea if you want to talk, STAY HOME…its FREE!! I’ve gotten to the point were I don’t even enjoy going to the movies anymore because people IRK me so much. The rudeness is just too much to take, oh and I can’t forget when his cell phone went off 4 times, BLARING some crazy song.  Now stepping off my soap box...

Spent the rest of the weekend doing major Spring cleaning…the boy had the kitchen and I tackled my ridiculous CRAZY closet. I have WAY too much crap for one person and my poor little closet is taking a beating for it!! Plus it’s so HARD for me to get rid of stuff, even if I never wear it. Does anyone else have that problem or suggestions.  I will put it in the giveaway pile, and then talk myself into keeping it...I'm such a HOARDER...LOL!


  1. I feel you on those talkative movie goers - annoying!!!! lol

  2. love the dress, yall are too cute

  3. gorgeous floral dress...loves it

  4. i love the dress. and I am a total hoarder I just went through some of my clothing and have a bag full of stuff to give to the goodwill only to go in there the next day and pull a pair of the pants out and tell myself i can still wear these!!!

  5. I love your dress!! You look amazing. I did not know you were getting married!! CONGRATS! What a score on those shoes too! Girl I know exactly what you are talking about with the talking in the movies! UGH! We went to see "Jump the Broom" a couple of weeks ago and this couple next to us had to be drunk. The guy was giggling about everything and girl was getting really upset because he kept making sexual comments about each lady that walked by in the front. An older gentleman turned around and told him to "SHUT UP" and then the guy started cussing all loud and telling the old man he didn't want none...girl I mean just GHETTO at its finest!! I was so embarrassed! My husband was just shaking his head like "my people"! haha Kiah

  6. Oh I am so sorry I didn't get to touch on the "HOARDER" issue. lol
    I try and purge once every 2 months (seriously that is how much I shop)!! I usually second guess on a couple of things but end up giving it away anyway. It is later when I put together an outfit that I'm like DANG IT! I knew I should have kept that because it would work so well with this! haha Kiah

  7. I total feel ya on the movie theatre thing. I just can't enjoy a movie because everyone is so distracting. And the nerve of people who sit there and talk on their cell phones like nobody notices!

    anywho, I like your dress! I need some color in my wardrobe for sure!

  8. you are so gorgeous! just ran across your blog saw you on chictopia, love this outfit! :)

    Anita Riot

  9. You are such a hottie!!


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