Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Recap (GIVEAWAY TIME!!)

I am kind of frustrated right now!  I ordered some stuff last week and according to the USPS website and delivery confirmation the package was delivered to me on Friday at 5:00pm.  Well USPS no package was delivered, so you and your stupid system LIE!!  I had to file a claim on Saturday and its been a big headache, and as of this morning..NADA has been accomplished or delivered.  So the moral of this little story is don’t waste your money on delivery confirmation, because as stated above it LIES!!

On to the other part of my weekend, we had our high tea at school and it was AMAZING!!  We had to serve our guest, but after they left we totally pigged out on all the leftovers and it was SO GOOD!!  I am still dreaming about the mini strawberry shortcakes we made. 

Culinary school has its flaws, but when we accomplish things like this, it makes me truly understand why I am there!

We didn’t eat anywhere new, went and saw "Fast and the Furious" (which was eh…just okay, well in my book anyways).  Then I pretty much laid on the couch thinking about all the projects I could be accomplishing…LOL!! 

So it’s pretty INSANE to me that I have hit over 300 followers.  I know there are tons of blogs out there who are surpassing those numbers, but for me this was never meant to be a place to just get followers.  It’s really cool that so many people are interested in my little world (or just super NOSEY…LOL).  To say a little thank you, its GIVEAWAY time!!  I figure since your obviously coming back, because you love me, why not do a giveaway that represents ME!  So the prize that is up for grabs will be:

  1. 1 MAC BLUSH or LIPSTICK (you get to choose item and color)
  2.  Hello Kitty Prize
  3. Wilton Prize

I don’t normally do the whole giveaway thing, but I really want to thank everyone for making my day!!  I am going to make things simple, enter via email.  Send me an email with the subject line “I WANT FREE CRAP” to Erica@ibleedpink.com, include your name, and if you have a blog include that so I can check it out!

 Winner announced on May 27, 2010 (but knowing me, it may be a day or two after that, so don't hold it against me...just keeping it real with my laziness!!)

PS -  Loco got a stuffed twin this weekend...cracks me up!!


  1. All of this food looks deelish. On that note I am off to lunch! lol :)

  2. holy crap your high tea looks amazing.
    that food like SO DELICIOUS.
    ohh my goodness.
    and this giveaway is amazing, will be entering.<3

  3. Oh my that food looks so good...too bad i cannot cook!!!!

  4. Omg that all looks amazing! I think I just drooled. Yummm!

  5. oh my...that food looks SO GOOD right now. i just got my teeth whitened so i can't eat much right now. at least nothing dark...bah. so as an alternative, i think i'll lick my computer screen. yea.


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