Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its Flower Time...

I think I have found my flowers ….

(after seeing this color mix, I am thinking we should change our wedding colors)

The company that makes them had this info listed on their site:

“Accents and Petals specializes in creating flowers, floral bouquets, wedding bouquets, and more from paper, various wood shavings, and recycled items! Our mission is to decrease our waste by creating permanently beautiful fixtures you won’t want to throw away!

The look and concept of the bouquets are so pretty and I love the fact that its something I can keep FOREVER.  I have contacted the seller, so keep your fingers crossed all will go according to plan. It will be nice to mark another thing off my ever growing list.

Also, make sure you have emailed me if want to enter the GIVEWAWAY, especially if you want to win some amazing junk!  Check out details here.


  1. those are beautiful flowers and the colors are amazing!

  2. Those bouquets are STUNNING! I can't even decide which one I like best!

  3. I could not agree with you more!!!! Those are STUNNING!!!!!!

  4. These are beautiful - I make some simalar stuff - but I generally add some sparkle!
    My flowers are always made with one of the following, paper, wood, silk, felt or foam! I haven't had time to make a website yet but check them out on Facebook by searching for my page, "Forever Bouquets & Accessories," All of my products are custom order.


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