Friday, May 13, 2011


I’m going this Saturday for my 1st dress fitting and I am so NERVOUS. Being a very anal type A person, it’s hard for me to let go of control and letting someone have free reign of something concerning my life, well thats all new to me. Without knowing what my dress is going to look like, I haven’t been able to really start looking for accessories, because I want to make sure everything coordinates and meshes really well.

One thing that has been constant is my obession with having GLITTER shoes.  I've been searching online and different stores to find a perfect glitter heel, that is major in the sparkle and bling department.  During my search I came across these Kate Spade shoes and feel in love.

Then I saw the price and my heart was broken into a billion little pieces.  I know its my wedding, but I just can't see paying $300 for a pair of shoes for one day. I kept searching and found another pair on Ebay and got super excited, as they were within a price range I could order 2 or 3 pair if I wanted. 

But guess what, they are SOLD OUT...yes sold out, how DARE they!!  I am letting my imagination run wild and consider that their must be some drag convention going on where a glitter heel was a requirement, so its okay!!

Well my bestie Google (he still can't believe I use to kick it with Yahoo, I know..young and stupid!) finally gave me the most AMAZING solution to my problem!!  DIY, duh Erica!!  I came across a wedding website where this bride made her own glitter shoes from a pair of heels she found from Goodwill, are you ready to be blown away.

How amazing are these shoes she made. With the help of my other BFF Amazon I was able to find the glitter  n our wedding colors.

So After my dress fitting, I plan to start hunting for the perfect pair of shoes to Gliffterfi! 

I am hoping for a fun filled weekend and not one filled with tears because my dress is horrible and I am subjected to wear a burlap sack to my wedding...LOL!!


  1. DIY is the way to go - it'll turn out perfect

  2. what an exciting weekend to come for you!! I know you are going to have a great fitting. And I CANNOT WAIT to see how you glitter up a pair of shoes. What a great idea to do them yourself! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. OMG those glitter shoes are awesome!! I want some for everyday. Happy friday girly and I hope you like your dress!

  4. Ooooh yasss you know I dig the glitter! Please post the shoes after you do them!

  5. Your kidding me right?!! This is such a fantastic DIY!! I can't wait to see your shoes! Love the color blue that you chose for your wedding! BEAUTIFUL! Kiah

  6. This makes me really want to cover a pair of shoes with glitter now!!!


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