Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Per my last post I intended to start my weekend on a good note…hmm…well…things don’t always go as planned. On Saturday I had to work for a few hours, which threw off my whole weekend sleep schedule (which is about 39 hours…LOL). I was basically in a bad mood from waking up, brushing my teeth, putting on clothes (which I couldn’t find anything cute to wear), coming to work, looking at the people I have to work with, leaving, having lunch…blah blah.. I even tried to come home and take a nap and it just made me feel even crappier. One thing I can say as much as a monster as I was acting the BF was trying to do everything in his power to make my day better, but I was not trying to have any of that.

So let’s scratch Saturday…

Now on to Sunday, decided I still had some of my weekend left and I was going to make the best of it. I woke up feeling much better, found something very cute to wear, and loved that the sun was shining and giving me a beautiful day to enjoy.



The BF and I hoped into the car and took a drive to a little Bar-B-Que place called “The Salt Lick” .

It was fun (besides someone’s road rage…side eye!!) just to be in the car and try something different. We had a pretty good meal and decided to see a movie in that side of town, so we killed some time and stopped in Goodwill. Now I have a question, I see tons of blogs of people finding great finds at their Goodwill, but I swear we have the most expensive Goodwill’s ever. I can not imagine paying 10.00 for a pair of used Target flats, that I can actually go to Target and pay 12.00 brand new for….I don’t get it.

We high tailed it out of that expensive thrift store and hit up my favorite store Target. The BF bought me the prettiest dress (which made my day all the better) and I found the perfect Halloween dress up idea. We made it to the movie to see “Catfish”, the creepiest, saddest movie ever.

(I have no idea why I am doing the Duckface...LOL)

I don’t want to spoil the plot (but you can totally wiki it here, if you’re curious). It just made me really think about the people you communicate via social network sites.

We finished our wonderful night by having fried dough for dinner.. (were addicted!!)

All in all, things didn’t start off the greatest, but we totally eneded on a sweet note....LOL!! Someone made a good suggestion to help with my quest for positivity of making note of 5 things I am thankful/blessed each day. So here goes:

1. Blessed and Thankful to have the wonderful family I was given.

2. Blessed and Thankful to be given this opportunity to attend culinary school in less than 3 weeks (EEK!!)

3. Blessed and Thankful that I have actually meet some genuine real people through my blog, that give me the greatest advice and motivation!!

4. Blessed and Thankful I have the ability to turn the radio off everytime that horrible “Like a G6” song comes on!!! (Sorry people that song works my nerves)

5. Blessed and Thankful that tonight I will have a warm and safe place to lay my head.

I might not do this everyday, but I am thinking to keep my mind in a good place I will do it quite often. What are you Blessed/Thankful for?


  1. (1) you look beautiful erica! so cute!
    (2) um i need to come visit you so you can take me to all these amazing food places!

  2. You are so cute! That meal looks fantastic.. and the movie sounds weird. :)

    SO proud of you for going to culinary school... you are going to be amazing!


  3. Ooooh girl, that IS a cute outfit! I'm glad that you at least had one good weekend day. I wish you could come to my Goodwill! It's in a rich part of town, and there are all kinds of high-dollar clothes there for cheap. It always gets on my nerves when thrift stores think they can charge more than they should for used stuff. It makes me want to remind them- you're a THRIFT STORE!

    I love your technique for staying positive. I'm feeling blessed and thankful for my beautiful new niece who was born last night. She's so sweet! ♥

  4. You look just gorgeous like you are glowing :) And so proud of you for following your dreams. But you know this already!! Way to go girlfriend, love ya lots! XO

  5. That meal looks so deelish and your skin is glowing. What happened to all of the pink? j/k lol :D

  6. You look absolutely GORGEOUS! I LOVE your outfit! Sounds like your Sunday made up for Saturday. I watched Catfish awhile back and I was disappointed that it didn't exactly turn out to be a thriller but yes, definitely creepy in terms of the reality of online networking. I can't wait to watch Paranormal Activity 2! Are you planning on watching that with your bf?

  7. hey - you won my giveaway please send me an email at curlyandnerdy@yahoo.com to claim your prize

  8. hey - you won my giveaway please send me an email at curlyandnerdy@yahoo.com to claim your prize


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