Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Recap...

This weekend ACL was going on, so we strayed away from downtown as much as possible. When I was leaving work there were a Zillion people walking all over the place and I knew I wanted nothing to do with that.

**WARNING** - The relationship I have built with my I-Phone has made me an  even bigger camera whore, so please be prepared!!

Instead we had enjoyed the beautiful weather still lingering …


Munched on salty fries (is it me or is there nothing better than HOT…SALTY FRIES!!!)

Tried another doughnut from Gordoughs (This one was called “Grandma’s Pie” , it had caramel, pecans, bananas and buttercream, it literally made my eyes roll in the back of my head)

(Yes there is a doughnut somewhere under there)

And talked tons about our future plans, which includes more graduations for the both of us, (yes were OVERACHIEVERS) and a possible Move (WOO HOO). 

I love our weekends!!

Oh, I had to share these amazing photos I found while browsing the web. 

These literally make my heart melt into a million pieces.  You can check out more of these AMAZING photos at the photographer's blog here.


  1. oh my god your dog is SO CUTE!
    sounds like a great weekend for such a GORGEOUS girl.<3

  2. i love your jumper dress. you look so cute!


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