Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random thoughts of the day...

I thought it might be fun to share 10 random facts about myself….

(Side Note - yes, I like taking pictures of my face in the car...LOL)

1. I can openly admit I am selfish and spoiled ( I blame my parents for having my sister 7 years apart from me…by the time she was born I was already use to living a life of luxury and not ready to hang up my tiara. The good thing is she was not blessed with my horrible trait and is one of the sweetest people I know, even when I refuse to share my candy!!

2. I watch way too many cop, crime, prison and jail shows, which has made me HIGHLY paranoid of EVERYONE!!

3. I don’t cuss; I just personally think its very un-lady like. (Now, don’t get me wrong everyone once in awhile I will use the phrase “Bitch, Please”, but you would never catch me saying the F word)

4. I am a terrible dancer. I love to dance, but I have no rhythm and usually just end up flinging my arms around, looking like a crazy person. (But I still have a GREAT time doing it)

5. I am addicted to Teen Nick…I live for shows like I-Carley and Degrassi.

6. I have a bad habit of getting super excited about things and then quickly losing interest in them. (ie..Sewing...LOL)

7. I grew up in a very small town, graduated with only 32 people in my class and there were only 2 black people in my whole high school. This has allowed me very open about diversity and not so quick to make everything a black and white thing, because honestly sometimes it’s a Grey issue.

8. I really really want PINK hair!!

9. I am very indecisive and even though I hate being bossed around, I like direction. (Even if I decide to go the other way).

10. I truly believe that True Love exists, and usually comes to you when your not even looking.


  1. number six is me all the way!

  2. we share numbers 2,6, 8 and 10 - lol...I thought I was the only person that wanted pink hair, lol...but cousin and I were plotting on it but then I chickened out the last minute lol

  3. I love 2-5-6 because I am the same way..!

  4. ahh yes infamous number 6 i mean everytime lol aww i love the picture though its so pretty!

  5. 1. I love this pic of you.
    2. I cuss like a sailor. I try to be ladylike in many other respects (I don't dress like a ho, I'm polite and respectful of others), but when I'm around people who I know won't be offended, I let the f bombs fly.
    3. I suck at dancing too, but I do it anyway. I need to find people like you to go out dancing with! I think it's meant to be fun, regardless of your skill level.

    Your facts were fun to read! You're such an interesting chick.

  6. love the pic of you, very pretty and barbie like:)very cute post thanx for sharing:)

  7. Wow you look gorgeous hon. I'll admit, I love teen nick too. watch it all the time with my little man lol :)

  8. That's a lovely photo!

    Haha. I watch too many crime shows too and I am definately suspicious of everyone!
    I dont cuss or swear either. I think it's just the way I've been brought up though.
    PS. Number 10 i totally believe in too.



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