Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Thought of the Day!

Another one of my famous random thoughts...

The other day I was watching the newest season of the “Bad Girls Club” and was actually appalled. Now, I know this show is supposed to be full of drama and wild antics but same of the behavior I saw on this last episode got me thinking. The two main girls, Christine and Lea, decide to go on this frenzy of attacking another roommate because they wanted the girl out of the house. I know its all in the name of good TV, but I was shocked at their antics towards this girl. Yelling and spitting on her, throwing everything under the sun at her, just because….no reason, other than to consider themselves “Bad Girls”.

I really felt that these two broads were acting DIGUSTING. (I will give credit to the girl they were attacking, because she held her ground and didn’t let them get to her. It was clear that these girls were feeding off her fear, but she was able to break them by not showing any. )

How can you go about spitting on someone and then in your next move consider yourself a lady. I think many women have a misconception of what a true lady is, now don’t get me wrong I watch all of the TRASHY TV shows too, but I am not taking any etiquette lessons from Snookie.

I am old enough to understand the concept of reality from “unreality” , but many people can’t separate that. They think its okay to go out and drink to the point of falling all over the place, underoos showing, to leave with some random guy you decide to find out his name after the deed is already done.

I am my no means Mother Theresa, but I try to hold myself to some pretty high standards. I just want to be seen as the BEST possible version of myself and try to take direction from positive role models.

I know someday I want to be a mother and role model and want my actions to be held in a positive light.  We all make mistakes, (yes, this is coming from the SAME girl who stuck gum on the rail...I KNOW...I KNOW!!) but I think we can LEARN from our own and others and mistakes, and become people we are proud to look at in the mirror each day.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I hate Bad Girls - I don't think they're bad at all, I think they're stupid. Spitting is so gross - oh my gosh...they're definitely not lady like by any means lol

  2. i admit, i like watching this show. I find those crazy girls comical at some points. BUT the new batch of "bad girls" this season are an exeption... their just a hott mess! Nothing about them is lady like.. Now the 2 newest girls [one of whom was being attacked, as you mentioned] I can't pass judgment on them yet... they've only been in one episode and i havent seen it yet.. lol

  3. well said and totally agree!

    maybe that's why we're not on television. haha! i kid.


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