Friday, July 2, 2010


Its Friday, I'm stuck at work,  I'm Bored and I saw this on one of the millions of random blogs I read throughout the day and thought it was a fun idea. Next February I will be 30 years old…yes the big 3-0.

I know its crazy and silly, but I fear I will be having a mid life crisis and start wearing gold chains and get a convertible or something (I’m already a cougar with the younger man, so that’s checked off the list).

(This will be in less than a year..I know it!!)

So I am while I am still young and in my twenties,  I thought I would make a short list of things I should do before I turn 30.

1. Slap someone back into reality…(I’ve always wanted to be in one of those moments were someone around me is freaking out and I can just slap them to calm them down…ha ha)

2. Learn to walk in high heels. (Me + Heels = A Broken Neck)

3. Delete my MySpace account

(Don't judge...I know you've done that same duckface bathroom pose.)

4. Throw away those size 6 jeans in my closet and FULLY accept that maybe my body never wants to go back to those days.

5. Actually Save money in my Savings Account (such a foreign concept) and stop using it as a piggy bank I break open every time there is a sale at the mall.

6. Cut back on the random amount of crap I buy each month. (But in fairness the crap has gotten to be much higher quality as I’ve gotten older)

7. Start a bar fight (and then immediately bail before the po-po’s come!!)

(See what P90X has done to my GUNS!!)

8. Start a project and actually FOLLOW-THROUGH with it. 

9. Start on my Business Plan (and use all that college learning) so Dollface can become a retail location!

10. Be on T.V (preferably with my Top On!!)

I don’t have much time since the year is almost over, so I better get on this list.


  1. lol...I think this is my favorite post of yours. Feb will be here before you know it - so get started!!!

  2. Hahaha this post is just one of the reason why I think you are amazing!!!


  3. hahaha great post!!
    on tv with ur top on LOL

  4. i kindly ask you not to start a bar fight. only because you didn't have "get arrested" on your list of to do's. HA!

    this list is awesome! specially love the slap someone back to reality one. i'd like to do that too!

  5. LOL @ "delete myspace account." Good luck with getting your list done! You got this. :)


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