Friday, July 23, 2010

The men in my life...

I am so Thankful for the men in my life….

I am the worse sometimes. I am spoiled, can be bratty at times and I am very stuck in my ways.

Last night I got mad, I had a valid reason for being mad (okay maybe in my mind…but this is my story, so it was valid.) but 15 minutes after throwing a huge fit and acting like a big A-HOLE I had totally forgot why I was so mad, but I couldn’t admit it. I was being overdramatic and childish, but the BF walks in kisses me on the forehead and I knew instantly everything was all better between us.

I love that I can be crazy and over the top and he will always be there. I am lucky to have someone who loves every bit of me even when they are rotten.

(This is where I get my "SNAZZY" dress skills from!!)

The other day I came home from one of those days at work and was ready to stand in moving in traffic. I picked up the phone and called my father and within minutes I was laughing and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It took growing up for me to really see how blessed I was to have the father I was given.

Growing up I felt he was put on this earth to make my life MISERABLE, (how dare he set rules and boundaries) but a few years back I got really really sick. I was in ICU and my life was literally hanging on by a thread. I was put into a coma and when I woke up the first thing I saw was my Dad’s big smile. Everyday when I was in the hospital when I woke up I saw my dad; every night when I went to sleep he was there. It made me appreciate him so much more. (now if I could convice him to buy me a new BMW)

(It amazes me that he is comfortable this way)

This little guy makes me laugh, smile and want to pull out my hair (usually within minutes of each other) but I couldn't imagine it any other way.   It amazes me how he can tell how I am feeling.  When I am sick he will snuggy up to me and be so sweet and calm, if its a bad day I often get many puppy kisses (actually stinky smelly breathe in my face, but I will take what I can)

I am one lucky chica!!



  1. AWWW...sweet post! Makes me want to do one too. lol

  2. awe how sweet! lol i love the part about forgetting why you're mad, but not wanting to admit it, so still pretending to be mad.

  3. Aww.
    This post is so sweet.

    PS. I love you blog + your witty annotations :]



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