Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend Recap....

So, the concert was an interesting experience. We got there casually late and there was hardly anyone there. The first act went on with about 30 people in the crowd (us being the oldest people there…lol). By time the second act went on, alot more people had shown up and it was time to P-A-R-T-Y. We lucked out and were actually really close to the stage and at one point I narrowly missed Mickey Avalon as he was going down the stage making out with a few girls (which I think I lucked out on, because that is kind of gross).

Well the night was going pretty well until this random guy comes up to me and asks me if he can walk by me to get to the other side (he is pointing to some people, so I assume that is his group). Well we all know at a concert your pretty much smooshed up against each other, but being the nice person I am I move out of the way and let him pass…or so I thought he was going to pass. Do you know this JERK stood directly in front of me, now I am only 5’2 so a SMURF is taller than me. I was beyond livid, that I was actually being nice and this guy was being a *@(#%#$. So I tried to stick it out for a little bit, but after his elbow kept missing my eye, I knew it was time to put my on my angry eyes and say something. So, I politely tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he could move, he turns around (and I notice at this point how drunk he is) and starts yelling at me and telling me to leave him alone. At this point, I am thinking am I in the Twilight Zone, I mean I was being nice and now your yelling at me. What drove me INSANE was he kept saying, “Look Little Girl”, dude I am older than half the people in this club, so give me some RESPECT. So, being the lady I am, I start to push the guy (I know..I know…but anger had set in at this point) well I guess he got the clue, because he finally moved, but 5 minutes later we saw security escorting him out by the neck…. KARMA is GRAND!!

The BF and I knew it was time to leave when two chicks started fighting behind him…I kept thinking this is way too much excitement for me (plus my feet were hurting…old age…LOL!!)

These types of shenanigans is why I stay in the safety of my own home and watch the Golden Girls!!

Also, I had this big piece of news to share on Monday, but I am still waiting on a final confirmation, before I spill the beans, so keep checking for the news. Also, if you have not noticed, I have an amazing blogger button (created by the Super, Fabulous Miss Dot…check out her yummy blog) so feel free to add it and show me some love and I will do the same!


  1. 1. i remember when i decided i could no longer endure live music. i was 29 and seeing social d at the house of blues on the sunset strip and i remember thinking "why is there no where i can sit down?"

    2. if ur 5'2" you are technically taller than a smurf.

  2. People have no respect anymore. I also don't go to shows and concerts because I know I would end up in a fight with someone underage landing me in big trouble.
    And on feeling old, I've decided to learn how to knit. ha.


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