Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you a Drape or Square?

*NOTE (for anyone who cares) I totally missed the rollar derby try-outs (I am so bummed). It was on the same day I was already booked for a wedding, so I will have to wait until next year.

How many people went to see New Moon over the weekend? Well I was so busy with DollFace stuff (check it here) that I was unable to go and check it out. I’ve heard some horror stories from a few friends, who have already seen it and their visits, included people fighting in the seats, people cutting in lines, lots of yelling and screaming and just pure madness. I am thinking I will wait until thing calm down before trekking my butt down to see it. Hopefully tonight the BF and I will go and see that movie Precious. Every time I see a preview for the movie I almost well up in tears, so I am thinking the movie will be a tearjerker. I will say, that both my mom and sister read the book and stated it was not very good, so I am hoping it’s not an indication of the movie.

So, I told you guys a few days ago when it comes to Christmas shopping I become quite selfish, as I find tons of stuff for myself!! Well, my sister this little gem to me, and excited is not even the word to describe how I felt when I saw this.

A little tid bit about me, I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE John Waters’s films. I have seen just about all of them (even the icky ones) and know all the words to Crybaby (and songs...yes, I am LAME!!) and Hairspray. His movies are so weird and crazy, but I just love them!!! Plus who wouldn’t love a movie with John Depp looking Smoking Hot and Rockabilly….

( I could just eat him up....YUM-O)

Yes, I am swooning now!! After I saw the movie for the first time I knew I was destined to be a “Drape” and spend my days hanging out at Turkey Point, smoking ciggies and making out with Bad Boys. Reality and adulthood sunk in and I am much more like Alison a “Scrape”, part Drape and Square (no ciggies, but lots of making out with bad boys...ha ha).

Just talking about the movie is making me want to watch it, so I know what my Thanksgiving weekend will consist of!

(Best Movie Couple Ever...sorry Edward and Bella)

My favorite character in the movie was Wanda Woodard, a bad ass chick who would take out a man with her left boob!! Plus she had the best clothes, full of tight pencil skirts, winged eyeliner and RED LIPS.

(I totally wanted to be her!!)

I just pray that Hollywood doesn't touch this classic!!


  1. Can I be a Scrape too??? And I totally second the motion of hoping Hollywood doesn't get its greedy, grubby little mitts on this bad boy. I love this movie!


  3. Oooh I am totally new to this!!! But I do LOVE Johnny Depp :)
    Ohh yep yep they are clip in hair extensions :) And you are right, they are the best!!!!

  4. I stumbled on your's lovely. I want to go see Precious too (I'm not a movie person though) and I really am convinced I'm going to cry...


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