Thursday, November 19, 2009


This week has been soooooooooo trying!! A few weeks ago I had received some exciting news, that I had received some extra money to be used toward my education. I was beyond stoked, because I’ve been dreaming of attending culinary school and was told I could use the funding towards their program. I went to the school, meet with the admissions department and was just counting down the days until class started. I wanted to scream on the rooftops about my excitement, but something told me to wait until I finished up my final paperwork. Well as luck would have it, I got an email from my tuition planner that told me that the program in which my money was coming from was not enough to cover my full tuition, well when I scrolled down and saw the amount that was left over, I could literally hear my heart fall out of my chest and shatter in a million tiny pieces.

I can’t explain my disappointment, to be so close to something you could almost touch it and then have it ripped from your reach in a matter of minutes is horrible. To make matters worse, my current job situation makes me sick to my stomach. I am blessed to have a place I can go to everyday and get paid enough to support myself and I appreciate that, but It’s a hard situation and a person can only stay sane for so long.

I usually an upbeat person about life, but right now I feel like I am in a whirl of conflict. I know what I want to do with my life, I've tried to take the proper steps to reach my goals and dreams, but right now I don't feel like I am getting close to the success I've been striving for. Sorry to be such a whinner today, but this is my outlet.

I am bummed, but I am trying to stay positive and find another source to cover the difference. So, we will see!


  1. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!! Everything happens for a reason. You need to realize that :) Smile and bake yourself some brownies hehe

  2. I send the motion! Chin up, doll, something good'll come down the pipeline to make you smile :) Don't forget the vacancies in SoCal ;)

  3. i'm not sure that everything happens 4 a reason. i think sometimes shit just happens and it sucks. that really blows and i am sorry that happened. it's like it wouldn't have been that bad if u never thought u were going. but, to have it and then have it taken away is the worst. i know that feeling. go watch RH of OC and you'll feel better about yourself instantaneously.

  4. I say, stay positive! Trust that the Universe will bring you whatever you need at the perfect time. When you don't get what you want, it would only mean God has a better plan for you. Cheer up, girl! I'm sending a little prayer to you.. hope you'll get an answer soon. :)


  5. Man...I can only imagine how you feel.
    But don't worry...a better opportunity will surely present itself!

  6. I know exactly how you feel...I was in a similar situation last year when I tried to go back to college. Just days before I was supposed to start my financial situation changed and made it impossible for me to go to school...I was devasted.

    A couple months later I tried again and everything seemed ok until I realized how much money I needed to pay out of pocket since my financial aid didn.t cover everything. I showed up to school on the first day not knowing how I was going to pay it...but somehow month after month, my tuition was paid...until I finally graduated.

    Don't give up on your dream, its all a test to see how bad you want it. It will happen for you but it will happen when its SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. You will make it to culinary school - just picture yourself at graduation...God will take care of everything else in between



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