Friday, November 20, 2009

Say What...

So, the other night the BF and I were out enjoying a late night dinner. I had the best Panini it was filled with aged white cheddar, applewood bacon, pears and it was slathered with garlic aioli (the condiment of the GODS).

On a random side note, I thought It was kind of funny that the definition for a panini is a "gussied up grilled cheese", maybe thats why I like them so much, they are the rock and roll, trampy grilled cheese sandwhich...LOL!!

Anyhoo, so the BF goes ahead and gets seated and I excuse myself to use the ladies room. Well when I come back to sit down there is this family sitting across from us with a little boy (around 5 or 6). The little boy looks right at me, points and in his biggest voice says “Look Mommy, that lady has big boobies”. Thanks kid for stating the obvious, but how RUDE! I understand little kids are kids, but the parents didn’t even apologize and even kind of laughed it off. Now, I am not a parent, but I just feel like that something should have been said on the lines of “Hey little Timmy its not appropriate to point out a huge rack in public”.

Sometimes it amazes me what people allow their children to do in public. I’ve come across parents letting their children run wild, yelling and screaming in stores, pulling stuff off the racks, all while Mom and Dad continuing their shopping as though little “Damien” is not acting up. Children and the movies are the worst. What sense does it make to bring a 2-year to Killer Sharks from the Planet Neptune, it truly boggles my mind.

Enough about ranting about children and their clueless parents. The weekend is going to be filled with cupcakes, which is always a pleasure for me, so were not doing anything exciting. Next weekend were going to take the long drive to my parents for Thanksgiving and then its time for Christmas shopping. Is it bad that I have done no Christmas shopping? I just hate crowds and then I kind of get a little selfish in the store and end up finding tons of stuff that I WANT…LOL!! Someone asked me if I was going to participate in Black Friday…and I politely slapped them in the face. Why would I want to endure hundreds of wild people screaming and fighting over a 5.00 toaster that they will never use.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thanks soooooooooo much for all the words of encouragement for my sucky situation! You guys are truly the best!!!!!


  1. My husband and I have def noticed the way kids nowadays. It wasn't like when we were growing up that's for sure. People have no respect now. Anyways whenever we see kids being horrible or whatever we say out loud something like lets not raise our child to act that way. ha.

  2. “Hey little Timmy its not appropriate to point out a huge rack in public”

    ^I lol'd at ^this and...

    "Sometimes it amazes me what people allow their children to do in public."

    ..totally agree with ^that.

    I want a weekend filled with cupcakes!

  3. I totally agree with you on the Black Friday sentiment :-\ I use that day for baking and listening to Christmas carols NONSTOP :)


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