Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day...

Happy Valentines Day!! 

 I am hoping everyone is going to have a day filled with lots of love.  This year is quite different from last year because the husband is taking some classes which basically fills up his whole week, so we didn’t really plan anything.  We have some fun plans for the weekend (especially since my birthday is on Sunday) so tonight won’t be anything fancy, just being in the company of my two favorite boys.

In other exciting news we finally got our wedding photos back and I pretty much adore them.  There were a TON and it was super hard to pick just a few to post.  (Sorry for the grainy quality)

 (The one above is my all-time favorite)

Now comes the part of getting them actually printed and framed.  Does anyone else have empty frames on display on their house...or is that just me?  I always have good intentions when I purchase a cute frame...LOL!! 

Well everyone have a wonderful day and make sure to spread the LOVE!


  1. your pics are so Beautiful! you guys look happy together! *smile* Happy Birthday (Sunday)! Just in case I don't get a chance on Sunday! *smile*

  2. Love that last one!
    You looks so happy!


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