Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Big Slacker...

It’s quite noticeable I’ve been slacking on blogging.  To be honest I hate feeling like I have to come up with these poignant posts, when in reality I want to just post a picture of a strawberry because I had the most amazing strawberries that day and always want to remember the happiness they brought me. (Yes, I did just ramble on about a strawberry, but I'm telling you those strawberries were amazing...damit...I'm doing it again) 

 Initially I started blogging for myself, a digital scrapbook of my life.  Nothing has changed, except now I don’t really feel like I need to come on here on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to post just for the sake of posting.  

I guess long story short, this is not a job and I shouldn't feel bad because things are a little quiet here.  I have been using Instagram a TON!! (My user name is: IBleedPink)  I love being able to just post a picture and a few words  for that moment.  So if your really missng me, you can always find me there!


  1. awww! its perfectly fine. blogging is very time consuming...i can remember moments when short posts worked better! its not a job. its suppose to be a fun thing so post when you are a newlywed. I don't expect to see A LOT of posting when you have a hubby to tend to. *smile* take care!

  2. i appreciate te strawberry! lol


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