Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Reflection...

Can you believe it’s already MARCH…Its crazy. February flew by way too quickly. I’m another year older, got to see my much missed family, celebrated 3 happy months of marriage and baked like a crazy person.  Overall it was a pretty good month.

I've started eating better and have actually slowly started to see some results, now if I can get my exercise together, we might have some magic happening. The funny thing is once I started to account for what I was putting in my body, it made me really open my eyes. Let me tell you when you start counting calories you become really stingy about what you want to eat. I haven’t had a soda in 2 months, I just can’t afford to waste those calories….LOL!! I am rather proud of myself for sticking to my goal. 

  Here are some pics of February via my Instagram. 

After my mom gave me a ton of my old Disney movies, I've gone on a hunt to start a collection.  I looked on Ebay for "Little Mermaid" and I swear people wanted a bizillion dollars for the DVD.  I lucked out and found a guy selling a bunch of Disney dvd's on Craigslist and picked this up.  After watching it over the weekend it was totally worth risking my saftey to acquire it...LOL!

I have not stopped listening to this CD. At first I was like what is this nonesense, but then it become like a drug that I had to have once a day.  I pretty much love her music...she is beyond "fresh to death"!

I don't think I can do any justice describing this amazing cake.  I had purchased some really good chocolate and wanted something simple to showcase the taste.  This cake took me about 45 from start to finish and it was SO FREAKING GOOD!!  I mean anything that has hot chocolate pouring out of it, is totally worth licking the plate for.

These shoes are a dream come true for me...GLITTERY, PINK and to top it off a BOW (thank you shoe Gods, and Steve Madden)

Now I am exciting to see what is in store for March.


  1. *high five* on your weight lost...looking always FAB! *smile* i love those shoes...kinda remind me of ma GOLD glitteries I got over the weekend! *smile* Many Blessings to you and the Hubby in this month of March!

  2. You look beautiful...and you are TOO much like me. I need to meet you in my next lifetime. First you have my favorite disney movie...the little mermaid....You want to check out my new favorite artist ever Lana Del Ray whos album is awesome by the way! THE WHOLE ABUM IS INSANE! Congards on getting married again beautiful.. you look beautiful!

  3. Love your cute dress and the color of your nail polish is really cool ;-)


    PS.: Maybe we could follow each other? :) let me know ;-)


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