Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Recap...

I had a real weekend and I LOVED it!  I still had to work a bazillion hours, but I had one whole day for myself and enjoyed every minute. 

We took a road trip to officially see the chapel and it was GORGEOUS, It made me even more excited for that day to get here. The only downfall is this little hike you have to take from the main building to get to the actual chapel.  (re-evaluating my shoe choice), but knowing who will be waiting up there for me, its totally worth it.

We also hung out with friends and ate great BBQ, I got to assist on a wedding at work and learned just how stressful it really is, Ate a ton of dessert and I think i found my next school option...LOL!

Throughout all the fun we got to have, many of our friends were going through a more stressful time.  There have been some horrible fires burning very close to Austin and the surrounding areas.  I've been hearing some horror stories of families having to evcuate their homes and actually losing them.  Its so sad.   These are the things that really make you APPRECIATE everything. 

(Photo by Taylor Gudus this was a road going into Bastrop 16 miles long 6 miles wide.)



    That chapel is gorgeous! Did I tell you how much I love your new header?

  2. i think one of my friends got married there... i could be wrong.
    I live in Texas where there have been some fires close to us.. its very scary stuff.. there are miles upon miles of land that is charred black because of the wild fires. im glad we are lucky and im always praying for the others that arent so lucky

  3. wow! That chapel looks so dreamy. I am loving the direction your wedding is going in! And you looked adorable! :)

  4. That chapel is absolutely gorgeous, girlie! Your wedding is going to be so dreamy. Also, has anyone ever told you how awesome purple looks on you? Seriously.

  5. Whoop Whoop to the Chapel! Looks awesome. And did I see a hello kitty necklace with hello kitty shades....
    I died...LOL!

  6. AWE. So exciting. The location is so beautiful!!!


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