Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Recap...

I had such a great visit with my little sister; we did a ton of shopping, laughing and tons of eating. We even had a scary encounter when her car randomly shut off on the freeway when I was driving, to my surprise I was the calm one. (Guess my big sister instinct kicked in).

The boy flew in early Saturday morning, and to my disappointment the airport was not near as interesting as my previous visit. My sister literally left a few hours after his arrival so we just kicked back the rest of the weekend and did nada. We finally got project “DEATH OF ERICA CLEANING” done, so it was nice to just lounge around and not have anything to do. (We even got new pillows, so thank you person who invented memory foam you truly are my new GOD!!)

In school news I am currently in advanced cake decorating techniques and were working on our final project, which is a wedding cake. Yesterday was our first day of production and I felt like I worked my booty off. After this class is over we have a week break and then there is only 6 weeks left of school as a whole. I am SO excited to be done and can’t wait to rekindle my relationship with sleep again.  I'm still working on securing the perfect internship.  I've gone on a few interviews but once I get there it doesn't feel right and I don't want to be stuck somewhere that I hate and don't feel like I am getting anything out if it.  So wish me luck on finding something AMAZING!!

This upcoming weekend were planning a trip to IKEA and the bank to open up a joint account. Even though we’ve been together for a long time and have gotten engaged, the thought of opening a joint bank account makes it seem REAL…ha ha.

Oh, is anyone hooked on my new guilty pleasure "My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding", oh my...this show is the hottest of messes and I LOVE IT.  After watching it I am totally thinking we are going in the wrong direction with our wedding.  How hot would I be dressed like this...ha ha!!

(photo via Google Search)


  1. Glad you survived the stall on the interstate! YIKES! YAY for advanced cake decorating. I hope you find the perfect internship. Speaking of cleaning. I plan on cleaning today. I know I would be so happy with myself if I did.

  2. I wanna eat all that food!lol

    I can't wait to see the cake that you're going to be working on!

  3. YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO FREAKING PRETTY!! I'M SO SINCEEER!! LOL I love your makeup in these pics. Thank you for your sweet comment! Kiah

  4. all those yummy foods! I want that icecream girlie! You look so fresh faced and beautiful. Your makeup is fierce. I think u have the best tats ever

  5. Omg, My big fat gypsy wedding is my new guilty pleasure as well! That one girl with the battery operated butterflies on her dress is hilarious. Oh, and is that the boy? He's cute. Lucky you. :)

    Have a happy day!


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