Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drum Roll Please...

Okay, my process for picking the winner. I collected all the emails address, calculated them up, put that number in that random number generator thingies…and BAM…..the winner was selected…
Ashley Rooks

So, please email me your mailing address and to make things easier (because MAC can be kind of tricky) email both the lipstick and blush color you would want and that way if one is sold out I can pick up the other.

Thank you everyone else who entered my little giveaway, I wish I could send everyone something, but then I wouldn’t have money to continue my own hoarding tendencies…LOL!

During lunch I found the funniest greeting cards(which I needed after dealing with all the "charming" people who called me today) and had to share some that made me literally laugh out loud!! 

The company that makes them is BaldGuyGreetings, and they CRACK ME UP.  You can check out more on their website here.

PS - Did anyone else notice my little screw up in my title from yesterday.  Thats what lack of sleep does to you....turns your brain into MUSH!!

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  1. Love the art work on those cards. The "I heard you were sick.." one is my favorite. Congrats to Ashley!


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