Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday...

Dear Rick –

I know your birthday was last Friday, but due to school, work and errands I didn’t get to fully shower you in Birthday goodness. I wanted to thank you for allowing me to spend another wonderful year with you. Each day that I am a part of your life I truly understand what happiness is all about.

When we were going through our engagement photos over the weekend I remember coming across my all time favorite photo. The photo that I was totally against and thought would ruin our session. Looking at this photo it shows just how much you really know us, it is truly a true reflection of our relationship…Happiness, Joy and Silliness.

In a few months we will be sharing another special day…and I can’t wait!

Loving you,




  1. i love u 2 and i love this picture!

  2. Awww! so sweet! :) LOOVE the pic! Beyond cute!

  3. looks like a photo from glee :D hehee. cute!

  4. Have I ever told you that I LOOOOOVE the photo of yourself that you have on the banner? The one in the middle?? Oh my... you are absolutelly stunning in there!

    By the way, I am Georgina from Barcelona Spain: Congratulations for your wedding!!!!


  5. ((tears)) happy belated bday to him - you two look so happy

  6. aww you are too cute.. i love it you guys are soo cute i love it..

  7. ha ha ha ha ha!!! I actually love that picture too! It's so fun! I am glad we took it! :)

    I <3 your blog!

  8. awwwwwwww! Darling, truly Darling


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