Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Recap...(Memorial Day Edition)

BOO to the weekend being over, especially since I was having such a good time. On Saturday the BF took me out to wonderful lunch full of yummy seafood and great summer drinks!!!

(I realized after uploading this picture I totally look like Pucca with my squinty lines for eyes...ha ha)

After lunch we went to the mall and I bought WAY too much Mac makeup (but what else is new), but I could not resist their new beach collection.

I have to admit my favorite indulgent at the mall were these ice cream truffles from Godiva. Oh my Cupcake, those things are like little balls of chocolate crack. They come in all your favorite ice cream flavors, Mint Chocolate Chip,Pistachio Almond and Neapolitan to name a few. They taste SO FREAKING good, not a fakey taste, but literally just like your eating an ice cream cone. We actually went back on Monday to stock up on more (were piggies...LOL!!)

I also stopped at Hobby Lobby for a craft project I worked on later that night. I can't wait to post pictures, as soon as I am done!! I think I got the DIY bug after reading a post on Rhiannon's blog a few days ago. You must check out this wonderful DIY she is creating for her upcoming wedding.

On Sunday we decided to take a trip down the beach, lets just say I was not too happy to be up at 8:30 on my day off, but the thought of sitting by the beach helped my my frown turn into a smile.

It seemed like there was a MILLION people at the beach, and let me just say if your having body image issues, come to the beach. People sure did have a lot of confidence, because they were wearing itty bitty bikinis and not to be a hater (Ok, I am totally hating) they didn't have the bodies to be sporting those two pieces. I just kept thinking maybe their house was on fire when they left that morning and that was the only outfit they could rush to put on...LOL

We had a really good time. I feel alseep in the sand....

Almost drowned my dog (yes, I am a terrible mother, but I thought it was instinct for a dog to know how to swim...BOY WAS I WRONG....but he still loves me!!)

( I had to promise them both cookies to get them to look at the camera)

It was such a wonderful weekend and I was super sad to see it end. These are the kind of days that make me really see how lucky I truly am!!

(I wanted tgo spare you another BOOB shot..)

Monday after stuffing ourselves with more truffles, we went and saw "Shrek Forever" and it was just okay (Save your money and add it to your Netflix) plus there was a ton of kids in the movie and I felt like I was in a daycare. I am hoping to catch up with my movies and see "Sex and the City 2" and "Prince of Persia" sometime this week.


  1. how freeking amazing do you look?! <33333

  2. ur so awesome...loves ur blog so much

  3. HAHA! You seriously look a little like pucca with your new bang and all... so cute!!! Glad to know you had a great time at the beach. Were you in one of those itty bitty bikinis which was why you didn't post any pic of yourself for us? :p


  4. Sounds like you had a great wknd. That drink and those Godiva ice cream balls are looking extra deelish right now! lol

  5. you look great!
    omg the dog...so cute!! =D

  6. aww the puppy was so cute...sounds like you had an amazing weekend!

  7. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I want those Godiva ice cream things. Maybe I'll go out in pursuit of them today.

    Glad your dog is okay :)

    Have you ever posted a picture of your MAC collection? I need to see this.

  8. looks like you had a fabulous weekend-yum yum to the Godiva lol

  9. BWAHHH!!! your dog's face in that pic with your bf is TOO FUNNY! i love him and want to squeeze him tightly!!!

    your dog that is.

  10. awww! great! omg i passed those ice cream cone chocolates.. ahhh next run to the mall they are mine. the doggy looks sad at you for almost drowning him. lol glad he's okay! (yeh but i'm with you in thinking that dogs instinctively know how to ... uh doggy peddle) =S ;)


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