Thursday, June 3, 2010

I got "Carried" Away...

Just came back from seeing "Sex and the City 2"…very enjoyable.

The funny thing about the movie is, the plot is pretty much the same thing as "Shrek 2" (STOP READING IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE). Main character settling into new life….feeling like new life is repetitive and stale….wishes for old life….gets a taste of old life….realizes grass is not greener on the other side….appreciates what they already had….everyone breaks out into song and dance….THE END!!! (See I saved you $10.00...LOL)

I have to say I can relate to what Carrie was going through in the movie. I’ve been married and know how easily it is to feel like your losing yourself into a boring existence. In that relationship the person tried to change me into someone that was completely not me….moral of that story is that relationship ended.

Now I’ve found someone who truly loves me for me and would never expect me to change or be something I’m not and for this, I can say everyday is a new adventure and never boring…even if that means watching black and whites snuggled in bed.

I think when you really find the person your meant to be with you never lose that “SPARKLE”! And, don't get me wrong, its work...HARD WORK, but when its right you don't mind so much.

PS- Did anyone else LOVE... Liza's rendition of "Single Ladies" ?

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  1. You actually saved me about $12 ($24 if I forced my boyfriend to go with me :) ) Your comparison has me laughing.

    Glad to hear your new relationship is an adventure. I've realized after being with someone for eight years that you can find ways to create excitement--the hard part is finding someone with whom you share mutual respect, trust and admiration. Once you have those, the rest is pie. It's easier to keep that "sparkle" when you have a good partner (i.e someone who wants you to be the best person you can be) :)

    I'll wait to rent the movie when it makes its way to my new best friend: the Red Box!

    P.s.- I heard on the radio last week that movie tickets in NYC for some showings are something like $19. Can you imagine??

  2. One part I loved about the movie was the VERY beginning, with their little 80s intros! Way cute and clever, especially Miranda, she was sooooo her!

    So, I did not like Sex and the City. I hated the whole time they were in Abu Dabi. I am not even of Middle Eastern or North African descent, and that whole storyline pissed me off. SO disrespectful, right?

    I TRIED so hard to tell myself, "This is a light, fluffy movie. It's about fashion and shoes! Don't take it the wrong way."

    But my girl felt the same way I did. We were giving that whole Carrie crew a MAJOR side eye.

    And the Liza part IRKED the hell outta me! I thought it was so corny, Liza sounded like she was having a stroke!

    After watching that movie, I didn't realize just how many gay jokes you can pack into the first 35 minutes of a movie! I mean, come ON

  3. I enjoyed the movie..I guess. Is it just me or did it seem really long to not really have a point? I like the 80's intro, Liza and her lil single ladies show and just the pure sight of aiden outside of that...hmmm my girls didnt really impress me

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  5. Even though everyone says SATC2 sucks, I still want to see it! (:

    I love what you said about relationships! That is very true. Glad to hear you are in an amazing relationship! ~(:

  6. i'd rather read this than see the movie. O.o.

  7. LOL! Single ladies was a HOOT!!!! I didn't realize how OLD she was lol


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