Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Recap (The LATE Editon)...

So, I am almost done with my paper, just have to add some graphs and make some quick edits and POW….I will be done. I am so nervous about being done; I called the school yesterday to confirm I would be graduating…LOL!! The lady on the phone was probably thinking who is this panicked crazy person, but she was Awesome and calmed my nerves and assured me that I would be getting my degree after the completion of this class. So I want to give a “High-Five” to Meredith in the Graduate Studies Office, and a "Hig-Five" to everyone wishing me well on my journey...LOVE YOU GUYS!!

(For some reason this is what I imagined her looking like…LOL )

(See how calm I am now...)

Nothing too exciting about the weekend, since I was chained to my computer. We did do another late night food break at Denny’s, which I am now giving the title as the MOST GHETTO restaurant in my hood. OMC, this place was a HOT MESS, and it was not even 9:00. Our waitress looked like she had just escaped from the locals Woman’s prison.

(but I know that was not true, because they would have trained her to give much better service there) and our food was garbage.

After Friday I am free….free to eat good food again and do fun stuff. I am thinking as an early graduating gift I will be getting myself one of these :

Apple IPOD Touch

(Does anyone have any feedback on this little doo hickey?)

And taking myself here for a little crafty fun!!

The Renegade Craft Fair.

I am also trying to convince the BF for my graduation gift, to let me have his credit card and 10 minutes in Sephora. I would totally be like one of those contestants on Supermarket Sweep. (I loved that show!!)

I will be a little absent while finishing up things this week, but will be back before you can miss me!


  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    I loved Supermarket Sweep too! WOW, not too many people know about that show! I had a ipod touch and I loved it, it's really cool. I sold it to buy a iphone two years ago.

  2. If there were a mock election I would seriously vote you as funniest blog I've ever read, holy cow I busted out laughing at your pics on this post - love it!!!! It makes my day reading your blog

  3. wow, you're so pretty.
    I love supermarket sweep too. I always want to yell at the TV "you're doing it wrong!!!" I could soooo outspend them.


  4. Woah, beauty alert! Haha, gotta get on your level! Yay for being practically done with the paper! I think the Ipod Touch is a solid device...at least from playing with a few friends' devices. But I have to be different and am going for the Zune HD myself. >.> <.<

  5. Ah I loved Supermarket Sweep!! I totally forgot about that show. Way to bring up old memories. You look so pretty in that picture!

  6. denny's ghetto? nahhhh. come to oakland and then we'll talk. personally i love denny's. best hangover food ever! haha.

    good luck on your finals!

  7. YAY!! Almost done and look at you you sassy beauty :) I love the colour of make up you use, you are a doll!! Almost done lady, almost done!! XO

  8. haha OMG OMG denny's grand slam is AMAZING. I LOVE IT! lol my mouth is watering right now. it's true though why is it that so many ghetto people work at denny's? Where do they find them all?! have a great weekend!

  9. Supermarket sweep was so fun! I loved that show! i LOVE my Ipod touch! It's one of my favorite purchases!

  10. Wow your blog is so interesting and fun to read! Your pictures are hilarious.

    Hav at http://abeautywithbrains.blogspot.com

  11. OMG! I am SO jealous you got to go to the renegade craft fair! lucky! and congrats on graduating!!! cutie pie!<3

  12. Cute blog! And you are gorgeous, girl. :) I'll be back, your blog is awesome.

  13. OMG I haven't watched supermarket sweep in ages...LOL

    I ♥ my Ipod Touch...I only wish WiFi was available everywhere. I'm thinking of upgrading to an iphone in a year or so. I'm one of the few left without a cell phone.

    I've given you a blog award :)

    ♥ SailorWifey

  14. you eyes make me "wow" outloud.
    gorgeous thing.<3

  15. I have an iTouch and I completely recommend it. It kicks the shit out of any of those other wimpy iPods, seriously. It is the Ninja of iPods. I probably utilize mine in some capacity about 8 hours a day or more. (MOSTLY JUST LISTENING TO MUSIC I'M NOT SOME CRACKED OUT USER OK) Get one.

  16. Hey doll, just found your blog today and luuv it! Keep it glam ;) xoxo

  17. AnonymousMay 21, 2010

    That's hilarious, about your ghetto Denny's. We just get bodegas around here.


  18. Congratulations! And thanks for stopping by my blog! You and your blog are so adorable!

  19. Just found your blog, totally love it! kEEP it up, I want to read more!

  20. LOVE the picture of you.. girl, you are gorgeous!! If I could have one minute with those eyes in my head... wow!!! I would woo the world! :)


  21. YAY for you, girl! I felt the same way- scared that something unexpected would pop up and I wouldn't be able to graduate. I'm glad everything worked out for you! I actually lol'd at your photo of how you interpreted the Denny's waitress. I prefer IHOP for late night breakfast myself. Still a hot mess, but not quite as much as Denny's usually is. Also, my husband and I were just talking about Supermarket Sweep. That show rocked!

    By the way, I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now if you're interested!

  22. OMG, Supermarket Sweep. I haven't thought about that show in forever. My lil' sis and I LOVED it!


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