Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graduation Time...

Guess who is officially G-R-A-D-U-A-T-E-D….thats right me!!!! So, I bet your wondering what has been keeping me away from my favorite task of blogging….

Almost two weeks ago I submitted my final paper, which had to be at the minimum 75 pgs (Crazy, I know!!). The good thing is I did my paper on how blogging is changing how we communicate with one another, and I actually found some interesting facts. I think doing my paper on something that was actually interesting made it a little less boring, but me being a slacker with procrastination issues had me working on it until the last minute.

The most stressful thing has been waiting for my FINAL grade to actually be posted (which I finally got today and lets just say I deserve a pat on the back!!!) . So what have I been up to besides twiddling my fingers.

Wearing lots of Pink lipstick...

Going to the Renegade craft fair and buying stuff from Red Velvet Art...

Elsie is super cute in person and I wish I would have asked to take a picture, but was way too shy. ( I know....me shy)

Acting very lady like...

Buying tons of cute crap...

Laughing lots at my silly dog...

Baking Summer Desserts...

(Blackberry Pie Bars)

Its been an exciting and challenging 2 years doing this program and I am thankful its all over. Now its time to plan my next chapter and see whats in store for me. ( I forsee lots of cupcakes, makeup, pretty dresses and Golden Girl marathons!!)


  1. Awww!!! I'm loving that cupcake cup! And congrats girl!!!<333

  2. Awwwww congratulations hon, it is finally over! :)

    I recently redid the site and moved to Wordpress. My followers moved with me but I'm not sure if you guys are getting updates. Can you let me know if you see my updates on your dashboard, if not please come to the site and rejoin. Thanks a lot hon :)


  3. Congratulations lovely! xxxxxxxxxx

  4. 75 pages is so many!
    well done though, your looking lovely xo

  5. congrats love!! I gave you a blog award, I thought I put your name on my blog!♥

  6. YEAAAAAA, Its done.. its over.. for the moment.. So whats next? do tell? We wanna know. Congrats on completing. I know the feeling of accomplishment all to well! Im Happy 4 ya!

  7. Congratulations! It's a good feeling not having to do any more assignments!

  8. Congratulations!! All your pics are so fun!!! :) and the dessert you made looks yummy!

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  9. Congrats!!! You have worked so hard! I am so impressed with your determination and perseverance!!!

    God bless!

  10. Congratulations! I love that pink lipstick!

  11. Congratulations! 75 pages!!! I love to write but dang! More power to you!!


  12. Congrats that's a long paper!

    New follower


  13. Wow 75 pages!! I'm sure you did a fantastic job!!!!! Congrats!!!

  14. CONGRATS Erica on graduating!! What a huge accomplishment that you should be so so proud of. I know I am proud of you and your hard work. Glad to hear it paid off too :) Go buy more cute crap, you deserve it. Hugs to you lover! XO


    that's way cool that you did your paper on blogging!

    um i can haz cupcake cup?

  16. congratulationnss you gorgeous thinggg. :))))))
    that is so exciting way to go doll.
    i love your pictures, theyre too cute and youre so beautiful.<333

  17. Congrats on graduating! And I absolutely love that Hello Kitty ring! So cute! And that cupcake mug? I almost bought one that looked just like that a couple weeks ago! We must be long lost twins with our love of all things Hello Kitty and pink!

  18. Okay, so I love all of the pink! I'm in love with Hello Kitty too. ;)~

    Love your blog...hope you stop by mine and show mine some love! I think you will like it...

    ~Raven :)~

  19. Congratulations!!! A 75-page paper? I understand why you've been MIA. What's next for you?

  20. whoa! 75 pages?! Please tell me you were writing a thesis for a Master's program?! if so, i will make a mental note to take the Cumulative exam! LoL! Congrats on graduating!!!

  21. I think this is my first time commenting, but I read your blog often, its full of fun and love the makeup. CONGRATULATIONS!


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