Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Recap...

This weekend actually felt normal…I got to sleep in, or at least tried to. My body must be use to get up early, because I tried my darndest, but I was up super early.

Friday was a Holiday so we had the whole day to spend together and it was great. The boy has started running, and since the weather was pretty awesome me and Loco went along to do a little walking.

 We went out with friends for drinks and dinner…and someone had WAY too many mimosa’s and lost their wallet, only to realize it the next day, then they found out by the restaurant that a good Samaritan had turned it in. Go to pick it up from the restaurant to find it was run over and one of my cards was broken and the others were bent up. I am just elated that someone turned them in…and I can still use them until I get my new ones in the mail.

Saturday we tried a new local ice cream place in town called “Lick”….AMAZING is all I can say.

We got to try so many unique and fun flavors, and I settled on Carrot/Tarragon and Vanilla Bean, while the boy ended up with mix mosh of four flavors…one including cilantro lime…which was EXCELLENT.

Movies later that night to see “Immortals’, which was just okay. (Totally should have waited for Netflix) Finished off the weekend with wedding hair pieces and boutonnières and baked butter and sugar.

The only thing freaking me out, is the forecast of rain this weekend.  Its pouring as I am typing and I am hoping we don't endure it this weekend....BOO!!


  1. seems like you had a fun week! i gotta do some walking/working out too.


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  3. I like that he's running and you're walking.. it sounds like something I would do, except with a cigarette hanging from my lip lol.

    Thank goodness someone turned in your wallet. I've only lost my wallet once in my entire life (left it in a cart at Home Depot when I went to pick up paint) and a couple returned it to my Mom's house the next day, which is the address I still have on my license. I vowed right then and there that I would always make an extra effort to return lost items/wallets if I ever found any since I felt so incredibly grateful and relieved that I didn't have to cancel everything (including my SS card that just happened to be in there!). I was also happy to have my wallet pictures back, which are very important to me ;) /long winded

    Those ice cream flavors sound amazing, especially the cilantro lime!


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