Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This week has already been super busy and it’s only Wednesday. Monday we went and picked up our marriage license. For some reason I thought it was going to be this long drawn out process, but it was SUPER QUICK. We picked a number, not even 5 minutes later we were at the front desk, paying our fee and signing off on our paperwork. (So, theres not backing out now...LOL)

Tuesday the boy’s office threw us a wedding shower. Now, I have to be honest I was totally against this whole process. I didn’t want any showers, and when he told me his office wanted to do something I was all for bailing out. I have to say they shocked and surprised me and totally went all out. There was tons of food, and gifts and someone even made us a wedding cake. 

At this point I think were just ready for the day to get here and for HONEYMOON TIME!! I can't even explain how excited and stoked I am for our trip.  

Also, as of last week I am offically a CERTIFIED Pastry Chef.  Graduation won't be until April, but its feels good to be accomplished with one of many goals.  November has been so good to me, and its just the beginning!!


  1. Congratulations on everything twinnie. You are doing such big things. I can't wait to see wedding photos :)

  2. Ahhhhh I'm just as excited as you!!!! The cake looks awesome and that was so nice of his coworkers! Xo

  3. You're almost there, girlie! Congrats on all the excitement and accomplishments. ♥

  4. Hi stopped by! Congrats, cake looks yummy!!!

    xo Emma

  5. aww congrats ! you guys are so cute. that is so nice of his office to throw you guys a shower! :) that cakes looks delicion :)


  6. Congratulations on both the upcoming wedding and the pastry chef.

  7. Double Congrats!
    Luv the pic of u & ur guy radiating Luv and Happiness in that top picture!!!!

  8. I made the mistake of reading your last four posts from newest to oldest, so it was kind of like reading the end of a book first.. I will comment in proper order though, and say that it was incredibly sweet of his office-mates to do that for you guys! What thoughtful folks!

    Congrats on your certification.. another thing to mark off life's checklist! ;)


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