Friday, July 22, 2011


I spent all morning trying to score tickets to see Adele and they literally sold out in five seconds.

I am slightly bummed, but she was going to be a much bigger venue and when I saw her the first time she came to Austin it was at this little hole in the wall club where I could literally touch her, and nothing will ever compare to that.  (Unless I can convince her to come and sing at our wedding) 

Next weekend I get to see the amazing Katy Perry and I am so stoked. I just love her to pieces, her music, her lyrics and her style. People give me a hard time about loving her, but as my last posted “ I COULD CARELESS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK”, its all about what I love and what makes me happy.

What won’t be making me happy is waking up before 7am on a Saturday to deal with a U-HUAL Truck. We (actually meaning the boy, because I will be just supervising) are moving the last of his stuff this weekend and I couldn’t be happier. I swear if we ever move again, I just plan to set everything on fire and start from scratch….ha ha.

Hopefully we will get to do some fun things, there are tons of movies coming out this weekend and it feels like its been FOREVER since we went out.  Its so HOT here venturing outside of my house gives me huge fears of bursting into flames, so staying in has been our game plan most days. 

In school news I have less than 3 weeks left...WOO HOO.  I have several interviews for externships next week...double WOO HOO and I made my own candy bar that might have involved Bacon.


  1. Omg! Your seeing Katy Perry! I love her. Her album was on fire..i loved every track..i wish she did a video for Circle The Drain. Your gonna have so much fun. Whoop Whoop!
    So many movies are gonna come out i wanna see...for all about the new The Planet of the Apes! Ohh man! Monkeys going wild and killing people? What more can I ask for! lol!

    Your gonna look so bad ass with blue hair at the concert! luv ya mami! have fun!

  2. I love Adele. Jealous that you got to see her in such an intimate type setting. Sad you couldn't score new tickets though. I like Katy Perry too, her music is so fun.

    YUCK, I hate moving... and man it has been way too hot lately. I laughed at your setting everything on fire comment. So funny and true. ha.


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