Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Born this way...

                                I got a sweet and surprising email from a blog reader who complimented me on my personal style and basically wanted to know how I feel so comfortable in my own skin.

I first have to say Thanks!  I think it’s really cool when people compliment me on my “style”.  Overall I am a loud, bright, over the top person (I tell the boy all the time I  should have been born a drag queen…LOL) .  I think glitter should be worn daily and I say "Go bright or go home"… I am very comfortable with who I am, I learned early on the only person I have to make happy is ME.  I could careless if people stare because I have blue hair (JEALOUS) or make comments about my tattoos and piercings (HATERS) they make me happy and that’s the most important thing. 

Along with my clothing style, I’ve also made sure to have my education and accomplishments behind me.  If someone wants to make a comment about my outfit I am able to walk away smiling , because I know I am a good person who has done wonderful things with her life.    I will never be the cookie cutter type and will always live my life for me, which sometimes includes wearing Bright Pink Lipstick while lounging on the couch watching Disney cartoons and eating cereal out of the box...thats how I roll. 

Long story short, "Be true to you" as long as your not hurting yourself or anyone else, Embrace it. 


  1. I simply adore you! :D I am with you 100%!

  2. i love your thought proces....your right be true to you♥

  3. I totally agree! I live in a small town, so most of my opinions, my outfits, and my tattoos cause some sort of a stir (even though there's REALLY, REALLY no reason for it). What keeps me from lashing out is the same as you. I know who I am and what I want. I know that I'm educated and intelligent, and I know that no one else can intimidate me. We strong, gurl. WERK IT! :) You're beautiful.

  4. Your blog just put a smile on my face. So colorful and such a beautiful smile.

  5. You had me at glitter worn everyday! Lol, and I love the blue hair! Xo

  6. #PREACH. Great post, I love it!!!


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