Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I HEART the 90's...

Valentines time is upon us and I got to thinking of my younger years, the days when “going out” included a weekend at the skating ring, texting was a handwritten note and sneaking late night phone calls was a common occurrence on a school night.

With the help of my sister we decided to create a dedication in memory of those days…

These songs bring back so many memories, its crazy!!!  I can remember skating backward (and I was like the MOST AMAZING SKATER), holding hands with my "boyfriend" the love of my life, the boy I was meant to spend the rest of that slow skate with (I had to keep my options open...LOL)

Oh my, this song was the Jam of all Jam's. I think everyone and their mama had this CD. (I know my Mama did...LOL)

Girls, Girls…remember this song tugging at your heart, helping you get through all the issues you and your man were going through. (Finding out he called another girl on the phone…OH NO HE DIDN’T)

Does this song make anyone else think of 90210...

Can I just say how much I wanted that dress, and I LOVED that she made it cool to be a CUTE nerdy girl in glasses.

OOh, watch out now, this song was dirty dirty!! (Actually not really,but when you were 14 this was scandalous)

OMG, this was the BEST SONG EVER!! (It kind still is..SHH)

There are so many more songs that I could add to this list, but it would go on and on....what songs take you on a romantic memory lane?


  1. freak me! lol...i think the one song that takes me down that lane would be seal-kiss from a rose. love that song soooo much! i still have it on my ipod. thanks for stopping by girl.

  2. Yay! Those songs take me back.


  3. Wow... You just took me way back! ha ha ha. I was 13 and remember singing along to Again by Janet Jackson... KEITH SWEAT! SILK! Girl... Come on now. ha ha ha. Yeah. Good ol days when all that mattered was a first kiss. ha ha ha.

  4. Can't beat 90's R&B.. now you have baby back that ass up and I got money so come holla at me... so sad...



  5. I just spent wayyyyy to much time on your blog!! LOL Thanks for the flashback... those are some great tunes!

  6. I loved this post. I may have been born in the 80's but I don't remember much of them anyways. I love the 90's! Thanks for this!

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  8. i am so on board with you with Janet Jackson's, Again and Lisa Loeb's Stay. SOOO on board! and the other Janet song, the one with the video she has the bohemian 70's thing going on.


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