Thursday, November 4, 2010

Whats going on....

Sometimes I forget how cool Austin truly is…

Right now they are filming a movie outside of my office. We haven’t quite figured out what it is, but let me tell you if I see Ryan Reynolds walking around town, I will be in jail for STALKING!!


Also, last night I missed out on meeting Kat Van D and slapping the hell out of Jesse James. Word on the block was she was doing a book signing at our local Barnes and Nobles, and he was lurking around in the shadows. 
I’ve just recently started watching her show LA. Ink and I really like her style.  I love the mix of edgy rock roll with a splash of girlieness tied in.  Plus I am a sucker for a chick with tattoos, especially when they are not all trashy....(I'm just saying, we've all seen those ghetto tattoos floating around our local Walmarts...LOL)

So today Miss Von D is my style Icon...

kat von d Pictures, Images and Photos

Love her new red hair (even though I am pretty sure its a wig)

(Also you can actually order the headband she is wearing from Etsy Seller Giant Dwarf).

**Kat Von D Photos found online**


  1. :O love!!!! Love this post and love the pics!

  2. i used to love kat von d but her taste in douchebag men is a real turn off. still love her tats though. and she is gorgeous.

  3. oooh shes her


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