Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend Recap...

I got my sleep on this weekend, because we worked our little butts off, making these amzing Cream Puff Swans.

I then woke up dying for crepes.  The place we normally go to Flip Happy (which has the BEST Crepes EVER) was about to close, which sucked, but I put on my STUNNA Shades and made my best Snookie Face...

 and ventured to a new crepe trailer.

The menu selection was much bigger and their crepes were HUGE.

 I got a Florentine with chicken, swiss, cheese, spinach, caramelized onions and this chipotle mayo. I should have totally taken the mayo off my order, because it was SO hot. It totally ruined the meal for me even after we switched orders, I was over it. I truly believe I wanted my old crepe place and this place just didn’t do it for me.

Then we ran into Big Lots, to kill some time and I saw Cupcake Chewies for Dogs. They were even vanilla flavored.

My poor fur baby has some serious food allergies so we have to be really selective on his food and treats, so he missed out on these goodies. (But trust me, he is so SPOILED he not missing out on anything!!)

 I also found my dream Christmas tree….can you guess which one?

All and all our weekend was pretty low key, but relaxing.  I did have to endure 2 hours of the movie "JackAss" (and it was even in 3D...BOO), but everything can't be perfect.  

This weekend the plan includes, new MAC lipstick, salted caramel banana cream pie, fresh tattoos and lots of lots of SLEEP...Woo HOO!!..


  1. those creme puffs look so good. I can seriously taste how sweet and delicious they are, YUM!! lol. OK and that crepe sounds so good (and SPICY).. I love anything with caramelized onions.

    Your doggie is so cute, and a pink tree?!? Say it isn't sooo! LOVE IT! :)

  2. mmmm. Creme Puffs. And boooo to spicy mayo ruining the food! booooo. I like pink trees. I would never own one, but I like them :)

  3. Looks like a great weekend! Loving the pictures!


  4. crepes ummmmmm yummy!!! you are making me hungry. LOL. Im craving for a new tattoo also....but your creme puffs looked amazing!

  5. you make me so hungry every time i read your blog! yum yum!

    p.s. i totally was thinking of you when i did my lipstick post. you always look so fierce in your red lipstick. thanks for the advice!

  6. those stunna shades are bad ass - i need to cop a pair lol...you always have the best food photos

  7. Tht was a fun post to read! Sometimes you just gotta put the stunner shades on and keep it moving!

  8. Alright so, you've successfully made me HONGRAY! Those creme puff swans look so yummy, those crepes do too! I've never had a crepe that didn't have some sort of sweet filling before, but you said that one had meat and stuff in it? I wanna try!


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