Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its time to pick teams....

So, of course I was excited about the release of this....

but when I saw the full trailer today and saw my Baby Daddy in it, my excited increased.....


I can't wait! Whose team are you on?


  1. Aiden all the way!!!! I NEVER wanted her with Big!!!! I was so pissed when she fucked it up with Aiden! What a whore. Haha.

  2. Can I join your team Erica? hehe I guess I'd say Carrie!! xx

  3. I am totally torn. I loved Carrie and Aiden together but I've also come to love Big as well and would like to see their marriage work after all they been through

  4. always ALWAYS been an aiden's lady. LOVE HIM!

    i would never put up with big's shit. hell to the no way!

  5. Aiden! What a hottie xxoxox

  6. Agh I don't know what team to pick-I liked them both for different reasons. I'm very excited to see how this plays out!


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